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[AUDITION] for Animation short

2016-08-14 14:15:47 by qulr

I am looking for individuals who are willing to voice in an upcoming short; Nacre. (See “characters” section for individual roles)
About the project
Short animation, around 2 minutes in length. The story is about Elyn, who sets out to rescue her brother - but not everything goes as planned. The finished short will be uploaded to YouTube and Newgrounds.

You can also find it on the NG forum: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1413183
Name: Elyn (FEMALE)
Age: 16-18
Voice Type: Her voice is sharp and of a low to medium speed. Somewhat low tone. It would be interesting with an accent. Something foreign sounding. Feel free to record without an accent though – everything will get a listen!
A spunky girl who’s fast to act. Easily angered. Sarcastic. Sometimes snarky but also loving and trusting!
Audition line 1 (Determined): “It’s obvious isn’t it? It’s the Bryeking. Who else would kidnap a prince?”
Audition line 2 (Distressed): “ABOS! Are you alright?”
Audition line 3 (Brash, confident): “I see it, so they’re already spying on us? Tul, you ready?”
Name: Tul (MALE, FEMALE)
Voice age: 25-30
Voice Type: Robotic but with a hint of “organic”. Talks a little fast. Effects will be added in post, so focus on the performance for the audition.
Tul is an enigma of a character. Its frame is that of an upside-down triangle with an oval hole in the middle. It follows Elyn around everywhere and has done so for as long as she can remember. Its a little bossy and likes commanding Elyn around. It has a dark sense of humor that Elyn doesn’t always get. In spite of all that the two of them are inseparable.
Audition line 1 (inquisitive, impatient): “Are you sure you know where your brother is?”
Audition line 2 (bossy, jesting): “Quit complaining and get going”
Audition line 3 (Nervous, inquisitive): “Maybe… but where’s the Bryeking?”

Name: Bryeking (MALE)
Voice age: 30-40’s
Voice Type: Raspy, low and ominous. Talks slow unless angered. Post processing might be used to achieve desired effect, so focus on the performance for the audition.
The Bryeking is a conqueror with an unknown agenda. Not much is known about him and his goals. He is feared throughout the land.
Audition line 1 (confident, cold): “They will be arriving soon”
Audition line 2 (Mysterious): “We have been seeking you”
Audition line 3(Indifferent, Commanding): “I do not care about your pity morals. I need this done, and you WILL do it!”

Name: Abos (MALE)
Age: 20-25
Voice Type: Plain, snarky, cold. As with his sister (Elyn) he may have a foreign accent.
He is a prince, but with hidden desires that lead him down a dark path. He is believed to have been kidnapped by the Bryeking. He doesn’t let anything get in the way of his own plans and can be very manipulative.
Audition line 1 (Cold, anticipating): “Indeed. Let’s meet them with open arms.”
Audition line 2 (Cold, stern): “We are giving you a chance to comply before we are forced to use drastic measures.”
Audition line 3 (cunning, condescending): “As you might have figured by now, yes this was all a ruse to lead you here.”

Deadline: 20th of September 2016, 8 pm (20:00) CEST
To audition:
• Record your lines separately and save them as: characterName_youName_lineNumber.wav (ex: elyn_JaneDoe_02.wav)
• Put all of your audition files into a .zip or .rar folder
• Feel free to audition for more roles.
• Send your audition to nacreauditions@gmail.com
Thank you so much for the interest! Let’s work together to make this great!
• Sound file format: WAV 48000 Hz 16-bit Stereo.
• Max 4 recordings per line.

For updates on the project come visit the Facebook page: Nacre on FB!
And check out the YouTube channel it is going to be on: Noadea on YT



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2016-08-15 04:23:42

Oh, you worked with Hikarian!
Will definitely audition for this by the end of this week :)

qulr responds:

Yes I have worked with Hikarian before! they have also been a huge help with my own little project :) - Can't wait to hear from you!


2016-08-23 10:56:42

Posting here to remind myself to record tonight!

qulr responds:

cool cool :) Hope it went well!